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  • Hiring rate around 42 pc above pre-COVID levels in India: Report 03/08/2021
    Taken together, this suggests that the supply of jobs has increased in the market, and also that workers are more actively seeking jobs. "In this environment, professionals who upskill will likely to have a wider spectrum of jobs available to them," it said.
  • Why are some jobs hot and others not? 03/08/2021
    Tourism and hospitality have not come back yet, but construction is starting to come back as there was a lot of pent up demand--says Manish Sabharwal, Chairman of Teamlease.
  • IT employees wooed with bonuses & bikes 03/08/2021
    It’s raining jobs in Indian IT. But there aren’t enough qualified people. So resignations are soaring in the $195-billion industry. Everyone’s poaching from each other. Techies with a few years of experience are holding multiple job offers.


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