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HR Solutions

HR Solutions

We at PRAYAS have suggested many ways through which our clients have benefited. We have helped them identify process bottlenecks and give them regular solutions. Some of them are as below…

  1. CHP (Centralized Hiring Program) :In this program, Candidates are filtered through our ‘Centralized Hiring Program’. All the referred candidates have to pass through the following checklist in the effort to increase the Offer-to-Joining ratio,
    1. Basic eligibility criteria for applying at Client where-in experience vis-à-vis qualification is considered as per the eligibility criteria set by the client
    2. Presently working for Tier-I organizations partners on direct payrolls.
    3. Location preference is concluded mutually with the candidate based on the following inputs from them,
      1. Permanent Residence of the candidate
      2. Place where the schooling is done from
      3. Present location of their Parents/Guardians
      4. Location with their major social network
      5. Verifying other commitments and interests of the candidates

    With the help of the Centralized Hiring Program, we at PRAYAS, as business partner, put our efforts to help you find the most befitting and best talent in the market place, building the high performing teams.

    The CHP was implemented with more than 200 vendors for one of our client and they managed to make more than 700 offers in SAP Practice in one quarter last year. We have also received accolades from the Corporate HR Team of our client for successfully implementing this program.

  2. Centralized Tracker Format :Our experienced professionals have designed an Excel Tracker. This tracker collects the necessary data pertaining to any specific walk-in drive or any technology specific requirements for our client. For instance if the HR calls for the list of candidates lined up for the upcoming weekend drive then we would send this format. This will help them consolidate the data in a formal way and would help them calculate the further logistics of the walk-in drive accordingly.Our format has contributed in streamlining the “Data Consolidation” for the HR`s. We have received accolades from the Corporate HR Team of our client for successfully suggesting this tracker format.
  3. Initial Screening Sheet :To avoid large number of candidates queuing up at the doorstep during the walk-in drives we had successfully suggested a method. “Initial Screening Sheet” is a sheet is filled by the candidates at the venue. We had asked the HR to share the “Initial Screening Sheet” with the vendors and who will in turn share it with the Candidates. The result of which was, candidates walked-in with the “Initial Screening Sheet”. The advantage here was, it saved a lot of the coordinating HR`s time and energy to evaluate the applications at the venue.Once done with us, this Screening Sheet was shared with all the vendors and the HR`s benefited with the output.
  4. Market Intelligence :We have successfully provided “Market Intelligence” to our client which has helped them formulate some of the key HR policies. The Data provided by us was also used for re-structuring of HR practice to deliver high performance.


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